Grand Cherokee ZJ

Introduction to the Grand Cherokee

“Grand” aptly describes the Cherokee, especially in the form of the ZJ model. The Grand Cherokee ZJ has proven its prowess when properly equipped, leaving a lasting impression on enthusiasts. Available with a 5-speed manual with overdrive or a 4-speed automatic with overdrive, the Grand Cherokee ZJ is a versatile choice for drivers seeking a blend of performance and sophistication.

Technical Features

  1. Transmission Options: Choose between a 5-speed manual with overdrive or a 4-speed automatic with overdrive, tailoring the driving experience to your preferences.
  2. Four-Link Coil Springs: Front and rear four-link coil springs contribute to a balanced and comfortable ride, ensuring stability on various terrains.
  3. Transfer Cases: The Grand Cherokee ZJ offers flexibility with transfer case options, including the N.P. 231, N.P. 242, or N.P. 249 (full-time four-wheel drive), catering to diverse driving conditions.
  4. Lug Nut Pattern: With a lug nut pattern of 5 on 4.5″, the Grand Cherokee ZJ maintains compatibility with Jeep’s established legacy.
  5. Full Coverage Solutions: Recognizing the challenge of ground clearance for longer vehicles, we recommend comprehensive measures for full coverage. For moderate off-roading, consider installing rocker skids and/or a lift to overcome ground clearance obstacles.

In the world of Grand Cherokees, the ZJ stands out as a symbol of capability and elegance.