Cherokee XJ

Overview of the Cherokee XJ

The Cherokee, affectionately known as the XJ, stands as a true workhorse straight from the factory, offering versatility for various driving preferences. Equipped with a 5-speed standard or a 3-speed automatic with overdrive, this vehicle showcases a combination of features that make it a reliable performer.

Technical Specifications

  1. Suspension System: The XJ boasts coil springs in the front and leaf springs in the rear, contributing to a balanced and stable ride.
  2. Transfer Case Options: Choose between the Command Trac (N.P. 231) or the Select Trac (N.P. 242) transfer case, allowing for adaptable performance in different driving conditions.
  3. Lug Nut Pattern: With a lug nut pattern of 5 on 4.5″, the XJ maintains compatibility with the Jeep legacy.

Recommendations for Enhanced Off-Road Experience

  1. Ground Clearance Solutions: Given the longer wheelbase compared to the Wrangler, addressing ground clearance becomes crucial. Consider a lift kit, rocker skids, or a combination of both to enhance off-road capability.
  2. Bumper and Swing-Out Upgrade: Many XJ enthusiasts opt for a bumper and swing-out system, effectively relocating the spare tire from the interior. This not only improves functionality but also enhances the vehicle’s off-road aesthetic.

Tomken’s Offerings for XJ Enthusiasts

Tomken, a trusted name among XJ enthusiasts, provides a comprehensive line of parts tailored to enhance the Cherokee’s performance and functionality. From lift kits to bumpers, Tomken ensures that XJ owners can customize their vehicles to meet their specific off-road needs. In the realm of off-road exploration, the Cherokee XJ stands tall as a reliable and versatile companion.