Jeep TJ

Identifying Your TJ

If your Wrangler purchase occurred in 1997 or later, you’re the proud owner of a TJ model. These vehicles offer a choice between a 5-speed standard transmission or a 3-speed automatic transmission. The TJ distinguishes itself with a four-link coil suspension at both the front and rear, providing a modern and capable off-road experience.

Technical Advancements

  1. Suspension Innovation: The TJ’s four-link coil suspension introduces a setup featuring 2 upper and 2 lower control arms at the front and rear, enhancing stability and articulation on diverse terrains.
  2. Axle Configurations: All TJ models come standard with a Model 30 front axle and a Model 35 rear axle, with an optional upgrade to the more robust Model 44. Similar to previous models, the TJ features the Command Trac (N.P. 231) transfer case.

Recommendations for Enhancements

  1. Gas Tank Skid Plate: Despite its innate off-road capabilities, we highly recommend installing a gas tank skid plate to provide additional protection in challenging terrains.
  2. Sway Bar Disconnect: Boost your TJ’s articulation and keep all tires grounded with a sway bar disconnect, ensuring optimal performance in off-road situations.

Distinctive Features

  1. Headlights and Suspension: Round headlights continue to be a signature feature, maintaining the iconic Jeep look. The shift to coil springs signifies the TJ’s modern approach to suspension.
  2. Lug Nut Pattern: With a lug nut pattern of 5 on 4.5″, the TJ maintains compatibility with its predecessors while embracing advancements in off-road technology.

Your Wrangler TJ represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, delivering a formidable off-road experience.